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Today we will celebrate this value by sharing this words from our school director:

¨We don't have to use other areas of the school to work in our daily activities (we encourage it, but it is up to the teacher to do so!) After only 1 week of being with us (and you know how scary it is at the beginning!) Ms. Aurora, a teacher who I see lives her profession as a teacher with so much passion took the risk of doing something different and took her class to the hallway next to my office, covered it with paper and let students explore with crayons, markers, and much more! I appreciate her doing it after just a couple of days with us and with all the nervousness of leading a new classroom!¨ #BeTheChangeLiveVESS

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Dear parents, just to let you know, we are working on our agreements for the classroom!

We had fun sharing, huging and collaborating with a mutual purpose and common goals! #BeTheChangeLiveVESS


It fills us with happiness and pride to see our teachers living with passion and going beyond! Ms. Sandra is our Infants Teacher; she has been working with us since we first opened the school. She has become an amazing coach and trainer in our VESS Curriculum. She has helped and supported our new teachers in their process of learning about VESS. Her love, patience, and passion has truly made a difference in our team! Thank you, Ms. Sandra for Living with Passion and Going Beyond!

Our Corporate History

Education 1st Inc. is an educational organization committed to providing a challenging and enriching environment of early childhood education for children growing in a 21st impact not only on children, but also on parents, educational providers, and the community.

We are an organization with five Early Childhood Centers in South Florida, two international schools in Bogota, Colombia, and several partner institutions that have been inspired by our VESS Curriculum and are in training and implementing our proposal.


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To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company, teachers, directors and all Edu1st Schools’ staff, undertook the task of participating in recreational activities, which integrated and brought the team together.

During the event, the company’s values were presented and special awards were given to those who live Edu1st values day by day.

¨If I was excited about my work before; now, after this event, I'm much more excited. Thank you for motivating me to take my position in the preschool”, were the words of one of the teachers at First Steps International Academy, who participated in this event.

There is no doubt this event was a success for the company where the outstanding work of an entire team was admired and recognized.

"Thank you to everyone for your passion and dedication!! 15 years impacting the world and it is all thanks to this extraordinary team!!! THANK YOU!!¨ was what Ana Maria Fernandez expressed during her speech at the event, while saying thanking us for all the work done by Edu1st’s magnificent team.


El 24 de Enero del 2014, el equipo de Edu1st se reunió para celebrar una ocasión especial en 1100 South Fig Tree Lane, Plantation, FL 33317 Con el fin de celebrar el 15 aniversario de la compañía, los maestros, directoras y todo el staff de los colegios de Edu1st, se dieron a la tarea de participar en actividades recreativas, las cuales integraron y unieron a todo el equipo.

Durante el evento también se presentaron los nuevos valores que representan a la compañía y se dieron premios especiales a quienes muestran día a día estos valores durante su jornada laboral.

¨Si antes estaba emocionada por mi trabajo , ahora después de esto estoy muchísimo mas. Mil gracias por haberme motivado a tomar mi cargo en el preescolar¨ fueron las palabras de una de las profesoras del colegio First Steps International Academy, quien participo durante este evento.

Sin duda este evento fue un éxito para la empresa, en donde se admiró y se reconoció el extraordinario trabajo de todo el equipo.

¨Gracias a todos por su pasión y dedicación!! Han sido 15 años impactando al mundo y todo es gracias a este extraordinario equipo. GRACIAS!!¨ fue lo que Ana María Fernandez expreso durante su discurso en el evento, agradeciendo por todo el trabajo realizado por su magnifico equipo.