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X Congreso de Educación

So proud to be part of an Edu1st Preschool! We are making a difference!!!

Edu1st Training provides comprehensive training to schools, business and the community.

Yesterday our Edu1st. Training Team served as keynote speaker in an educational conference in Argentina, presenting to over 1000 educators, and therefore helping shape and improve the education and future of many, many children in South America and the world.

Thanks to all the teachers for their support and congratulations to the team Edu1st. for the excellent work!

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Edu1st recognize your work

Edu1st is pleased to announce that Ms. Ellen Koutros from Pines West Academy was the winner of a "3 day cruise to the Bahamas for two", we want to congratulate all PWA team for the effort, excellent work and commitment to keep building a culture of thinking and sharing it with the community.


crucero contest-winner

Is BIA Having A Bad Hair Day?

Nope…. BIA is having a Crazy Hair Day! And a Crazy Socks day too!

Last 23rd of August, Brickell Academy started a new “Crazy Friday” tradition with their first crazy hair day. Teachers and students were encouraged to come to school sporting a hairstyle that would depict their creativity and individuality.

A week later, BIA continued to spice things up, this time encouraging it’s teachers and students to come to school wearing socks that, like their hair last week, would accentuate their personality. These special days aren’t designed only as a way to have fun but as a way to relate to the theme of the month in an innovative way.

Here are some crazy pictures: 

Revolución Educativa

Por: Nicolas Pinzon

Publicado en: Latin People News Magazine (Version digital) 

Alrededor del mundo, los latinos estamos generando cambios y desarrollos que afectan al mundo social y económicamente. Cuando pensamos en cambios, es muy fácil encontrar ejemplos de cambios tecnológicos, y de cómo las diferentes industrias han evolución a raíz de estos cambios. 

Todo ha cambiado, la manera en que nos comunicamos, la manera en que manufacturamos, y la manera en que trabajamos juntos. Todo ha cambiado, excepto la educación. Hoy en día, la educación tradicional funciona igual que hace más de 200 años, cuando la revolución industrial pedía trabajadores uniformes que sabían obedecer ordenes sin cuestionar el porque ni el proceso. El mundo de hoy pide un individuo totalmente diferente. 

Thinking and the Arts

Was a great success our past event ”Thinking and the Arts” On Saturday, May 25th.

Edu1st and the Art Museum in FLL in a joint effort to bring families together to enjoy the arts while making thinking visible. We had 135 people attending this unique event where the thinking culture of our schools was extended to the community at the museum of art.

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