1st Annual Family Art

On Friday, 2nd December, BIA children exhibited artwork under the theme "What Is Thinking?"

From Infants to PK4/VPK Classrooms, they each worked on project to learn about thinking, the emotions of thinking, how thinking takes place and they had the chance to interpret themselves what thinking is to them. Families and friends joined BIA students and staff during our 1st Annual Family Art Night and were able to walk around the different exhibits to see the artwork displayed.

Proceeds will go towards Nicklaus Children's Hospital' Brain Institute. As a company mission, we strive to understand and develop children's thinking in Early Childhood. Nicklaus Children's Hospital's Brain Institute works tirelessly with everything related to the brain. Together, we will help children receive treatment and we will help the Institute continue their valuable research.

Thank you all for your participation and for making our 1st Annual Family Art Night a very special one!